Floppy Cube is made in processing as a submission to TweetTweetJam 3!

  • Left click to push white square down
  • Avoid black bars
  • You have 5 health points
  • Have fun and feel free to comment your score

The rule of the jam was to create a game within 560 characters thus the limited game play (and the small window to save characters). It was a fun low-effort jam game to participate in, 10/10 would jam again

Install instructions



Execute "floppy.exe"


floppy.windows64.zip 71 MB


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the left click was floppy


It's strange that gravity and hopping is upside down so it's more like a Ceiling Floppy Cube xD

Anyway I really liked that difficulty ramp as you go, I've reached 58... what's your best highscore? ;)

Wow! 58?! My highest was 46!

Thanks for playing the game mate! Because in Processing the positive direction for y axis is downward, thus the inverted gravity so I can save a few characters writing the code XD.